Fashion and Interiors coming as one?

Picture: Gucci Ad campaign 2009

Picture: Gucci Ad campaign 2009

This was a question that was put to me earlier in the year by a friend. I asked my friend to give me some time so I could do some research into this…..

The picture above shows trends from Feb 2009 Gucci collection, showcasing rich warm colours of Teal, greens, jades, blues, amber and gold. The above picture is rich in colour texture and a wash with pattern. I couldn’t help but feel inspired by this fashion, I imagined beautiful rich velvet drapes of fabric adoring vast windows in a city property. So straight away my brain was engaging interior design when looking at this fashion photograph.

Below is another example: How fashion inspired me to think of beautiful sheer window voiles and luxury velvet teal cushions, bold stripe wall paper.

Gucci fashion campaign 2009

Gucci fashion campaign 2009

My research also involved looking at all the up and coming trends in fashion (London fashion week blogs and daily reports). Reviewing the trends I could see glimps of how the interior industry is going to trend over the next few months.

My personnel view is that the fashion world is at least 6mths ahead of the interior world.

My point here is this:-

The above pictures for Gucci Feb 2009 campaign, are now over 9 mths old, we can see these  fashion trends slowly  filtering through into the interior world.

Below are some fine examples, showing bold colours, textures, pattern, stripes.

So my answer to my friends question.

Do I think Fashion and Interiors are coming as one?

My answer is YES , but I still believe the fashion industry hold the pulse over the interior world.

Do you agree? would love to know your views.

Texture and colours shown in lamp designs

Texture and colours shown in lamp designs

Columns of purple wallcoverings

Columns of purple wallcoverings

fashion glass tile

fashion glass tile


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  1. Please add your comments on how you feel about fashion and interiors coming as one?

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