Girls are aloud Cheryl Cole Eyelashes!

Girls are going to be very aloud with their own Cheryl Cole Eyelashes!

Cheryl Cole is rarely seen without her fake eyelashes and tons of waterproof mascara.

Girls Aloud in April 2009 decided to launch their own beauty products, it was only a natural choice to opt for their own fake lash range.

The Girls aloud launching their eyelash range at Superdrup westfeild this year

The famous five teamed up to launch the new limited-edition Eylure products at Super Drug in Westfield London in April 2009.

I was lucky enough to purchase my Cheryl Cole eyelashes from River Island in Lincoln this November, a real Bargain at only £4.99 a box!

Cheryl cole eyelashes

I soon had my glamour fun Cheryl faux eyelashes super glued onto my eyelids! And proudly wore them for filming series 2 of A Bargain A Stitch and A wardrobe to launched onto Channel 7 in early 2010.

chezzzzz eyes

Eylure have certainly come up trumps launching the girls aloud range of eyelashes.  Week after week watching the X Factor I couldn’t help but admire Cheryl’s lush eye lashes, so it was only naturel that when I found them I had to  invest in a pair! (yes I guess that makes me a victim, but there is nothing wrong with a little ‘Girls aloud’ glamour! and I’m sure with the  X factor sales in Eylure Cheryl Cole lashes have gone through the roof!

cheryl cole having a makeover

Every girl deserved to look good, we all most certainly love makeovers and a little pampering session, we certainly know that Mrs Cole does. Today it was time for myself to have a girls pampering session with my 9 yr old beauty mad neice. It was all about the glamour! glitter! lots of back combing the hair! makeup and of course our Girls aloud False eyelashes! mine of course being Mrs Coles!

My neice enjoying doing my hair in our girls aloud pamper day party!

With lashings of hair spray, and tons of eyelash glue the cheryl cole look was just about there! and what Fun we had!

My Cheryl cole eyelashes at thepamper party done my my young niece all in good fun!

It goes to show that who ever you are Girls are aloud to have fun! You certainly don’t have to be a celebrity to get the glamour look! Just lots of girlie pampering and of course I’m lucky that I have a very dedicated beauty obsessed 9 yr old niece! who really enjoyed backcombing my hair as well as crimping her hair in the process! 😉

You can also try Sarah, Nadine, Kimberley,Nicola girls aloud eylure false eyelashes

So go on your ‘A LOUD’ to enjoy the glamour!  In the name of good old fashioned Fun! You’ll enjoy it! we certainly did!

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