Running the Cardiff Half Marathon 2008 all in the name of (JLS)

In October 2008, Ed and I took part in the Cardiff Half Marathon, this was my second time doing this race, my first being in 2004. We both ran the Cardiff half marathon for Barnardos Charity so it was all worthwhile, but we were also asked to run in the name of X Factor boyband JLS! Having been friends of the band long before the fame! and one of the band members being in a long term relationship with my best friend, it was only naturel when asked by the JLS boys if Ed and I would run the Marathon in there trade mark JLS tee -shirts! JLS were in the final 10 on ITV X Factor in 2008, so this was part of there campaign to get the JLS name out there! And what better way to promote while running a half marathon.

Ed running the Cardiff Half marathon in 2008 in JLS Green Tee shirt

Ed made great time in this race, and got many cheers from the ladies sporting the JLS Green Tee shirt. (Ed did finish long before myself, I guess I blame that on my behalf, lack of training for this race.

Here is a very very exhausted me finally finnishing the race this time in 2hrs 20min - 20 mins slower than 2004 - I look knackered so this picture makes me laugh! all in the name of charity! and of course the Blue JLS tee-shirt!

Its a great feeling to complete a race! especially when you don’t stop and continue to keep running! its all in the name of charity so its good to support such great causes and raise money and awareness.

Ed crossing the line! in his Green JLS tee shirt!

I highy recommend that once in your life try a half marathon, you don’t have to run it, many walk it, some even in fancy dress. I’m determined this next year to train hard as this picture below amuses me,  I finnished the race but I am about to throw up with complete exhaustion! (not one to take myself too seriously) it was all good fun!;-) feel free to laugh at the picture! it makes me laugh every time I see it! I’m sure the JLS boys were still proud!

This picture is a classic! me completing the Cardiff half marathon in 2008 I was so exhausted but at least I did it! all in the name of charity and of course JLS! CHRIST what do us poor girls put our selves through! it was all fun and this picture is very amusing!and yes I was sick 😉

And here are JLS all in there colourful Tee shirts! which Ed and I promoted!

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