Running the christmas sales in my new Asics!

I love the christmas sales as I am a girl who loves to find a bargain, but to be honest the thought of tons of people fighting over a size 14 top in ‘NEXT’ actually puts me right off! I just don’t get it why people would wait hours in a long queue.  Honestly do you really need that sequinned dress? come March it will be well out of fashion, that even a Dame in a pantomine wouldn’t be seen dead in it! I’ve come to conclusion that maybe many shoppers get a buzz on compulsive impulse buying, like some kind of adreneline rush!

Today I decided to brave the tons of SALE shoppers,  I was on a mission for my own christmas sale bargains.  But this time in the December sales, there was certainly ‘NO’ impulse buying.  So I braved the winter sales of shoppers with a very clear vision on what I wanted to acheive on my sale shopping mission! and that was to find a ‘New Pair of ASICS running trainers’!

Come January, like most of the world it is a time of detox, to get my health and fitness back on track! The next coming year I have big goals  as I am taking part in a few charity Marathons. I checked out a few of the local sports shops, and found Sports world Direct to be the best bargain place for sports wear. yes I could have done it all in the comfort of my home, but I do admit sometimes there is nothing like being in the actual store and finding the bargain yourself! (makes the winter sale all the more exciting) I was  in luck as soon as I walked in the door my ASICS running shoes in a UK size 5 were staring right back at me with 70% off! a bargain SALE price of £34.99

of course I was over the moon with my fantastic find, especially as I had only just walked in the shop! Sometimes I believe its the power of the mind, I mapped out what I wanted to aim for and found it straight away! or it was just a coincident! who knows! But what I do know is that I was over the moon! Of course the inpulse urge did get the better of me, so I guess I am a bit of a hypocrite as I also bagged a few more bargains, 70% off the marked price how could I not resist! a neon pink Karrimor jacket, a matching neon pink Karrimor tee shirt with a navy pair of karrimor running leggings! – so the new running look is now complete! looking forward to get the new purchases into action! I will be Asic all over the place!

I’m really looking forward to getting back into my running in the new year, a goal to work towards. Not only is it good for the mind and body but the fact I am also running for charitys makes it even more worthwhile.

A picture of myself after I completed my first half marathon in 2004


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  1. Asics Running Trainers shoes are very good!

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