BSW Presenter Hannah Coleman (1st series interview)

BSW Presenter Hannah Coleman

Hannah is a single mum who runs her own award-winning interior design business Dreamwall and is founder of the UK Young Designer Collection.


Hannah surprises one lucky viewer each week by becoming their very own personal shopper. She offers them a choice of 3 brand new items before they receive a free makeover.

You present the Wardrobe part of the show. How did you feel giving the viewers a surprise makeover?

I was over the moon! You see makeover shows on TV all the time, but here was a show right on our doorstep for people in our area with the shops that we all know and go to. It was great to give someone a lovely surprise. The shows got a feel good factor and made me feel good too

What do think is the secret to giving someone a new look?

I think a makeover should bring out the best that you’ve got and should take into account what you feel happy to wear. Its no good putting someone in 6 inch heels if they would never wear them. It’s about giving someone a fashionable look without making them a fashion victim.

What was it like presenting the show?

It was a fantastic experience. I’m a real people person and loved meeting the viewers who had the makeovers, we were all nervous together! I can’t wait to see it on TV.

This interview was done by east coast media to see the original

To view the first series of pilot episodes of BSW

A Bargain A Stitch and A Wardrobe presenter Hannah Coleman having a Dubai christmas with friends

2 responses to “BSW Presenter Hannah Coleman (1st series interview)

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  2. WOw I wish, I could somehow catch an episode, Unfortunately Im in the States But I am a Huge Fan of Hannah Coleman! and nothing beats a good SURPRISE!

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