Interview with Raj Johal (BSW Series 1 presenter)

Raj is a Fashion Lecturer at the East Coast School of Art, Media & Design having worked for Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and Balenciaga. He graduated with First Class Honours from the London College of Fashion and was immediately scouted by John Lewis to design a collection for their Sloane Square store. His experience of the fashion industry includes a key role in advertising campaigns, photo shoots and fashion shows in Paris and Milan while at Gucci, before concentrating on his own collection and designs. Raj went to Fredrick Goss School in Scunthorpe.


Raj goes in search of basic items in local stores and Charity shops before using his design and creative talents to turning them into stylish unique pieces picking up on the latest fashion trend.

How are you feeling about the new series of BSW?

I’m incredibly excited, filming the show has been an amazing experience. Its been a fantastic opportunity not only to showcase my own passion for design but also new young designers from the Art School.

Why do you think the show is so appealing to viewers in our area?

There’s no other show like it, not even on the big channels. We show local shops, both mainstream as well as the charity shops from our very own area, shops that we all go to. It brings the fashion that people think is just in the big cities, right to our own doorstep.

It’s a chance to show everyone what the latest fashion trends are and also, that you don’t need to be a superstar seamstress to make something very special and unique to wear. You can watch the show and go straight out and buy the outfits.

Original interview can be viewed here

To watch the pilot series of BSW please view here

Raj Johal BSW series 1 presenter


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