Interview with TV Presenter Jaime Jay (BSW SERIES 1)

Jaime Jay

Jaime is originally from Manchester and is a Musician and Songwriter. Jaime left Manchester to study Law in London but soon found she was drawn to her first love…. Music. Jaime co-wrote songs with her longtime friend Simon Webbe (BLUE) and was a member of the group ‘VS’. After Top 10 hits and performances on shows such as TOP OF THE POPS, Jaime decided to concentrate on a solo career and had her first Number 1 hit in the UK Dance Charts in January 2008 with ‘To Make You Feel Alright.’ Jaime has just returned from Los Angeles promoting her career.

Jaime’s experience in the music industry has brought her into contact with stylists and celebrities and keeps her finger on the pulse of what’s hot and what’s not!


Stepping into the shopping shoes of a different celebrity each week, Jaime talks through outfits inspired by their style. With outfits from Next, BHS, Evans, Matalan & Rio, Jaime shows how to get a celebrity look from our own highstreet.

Do you think it’s possible to dress like a star without a celebrity budget?

I think fashion is something everyone can follow. There’s no need to break the bank, you just have to have the eye for a good look. The other day I attended a premier in a dress that cost £5 from a Charity shop and received lots of comments on how nice it was!

What do you think of the fashion and outfits of our local stores?

Fashions from the catwalk are adapted so quickly by shops like Primark and Top Shop so we can keep up to date for a fraction of the price of some of the design houses. I love the fact that you can watch the show and go straight out and buy the outfits.

What was it like filming the show?

It was such a laugh filming the show, Hannah and Raj are a scream and we all bounced off one another. There were some long hours involved and quick wardrobe changes, but it just made it all the more exciting.

To read the original interview and watch the pilot shows

Jaime Jay full biog

a bargain a stitch and a wardrobe presenter Jaime jay recording in sweden


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