The Truth About Love……. Stefan Dennis

This blog is a dedicated to my lovely friend Sally Edmundson (The biggest Stefan Dennis fan in all the land) follow her here on Twitter (Newrooms) or just read her blog (Yes its my favorite blog in all the land)

Stefan Dennis

Stefan Dennis

This blog post is also dedicated to all the millions of fans of superstar Stefan Dennis world-wide 😉 For those very small numbered people who may not know who Stefan Dennis is here is well here is the Wikipedia link all about him Stefan Dennis is most famous for playing the role of Paul Robinson in the hit Australian soap Neighbours and also releasing dodgy pop tunes like the one below that are all over  you-tube 😉 


In 2006 I was very lucky to be invited  by my close friend & my daughters god father (Mr Simon Webbe) along with Simon’s PA Ellie & my best friend Jaime Jay to the Truth about Love Film Premier (Simon had a part in the film too – yes a man of many talents our Webby 😉 of course I jumped at the chance (who wouldn’t – the advantage of famous mates 😉 having never been to a ” REAL” film premier, OK I’ve been occasionally to the local showcase cinema seen a few blockbusters like meet the Fockers. Preparing for the film premier I was clueless I really had no idea what to wear and how to behave 😉 (This will later all be revealed  later on in the blog mmm polyester and certainly no etiquette) 😉 – But ones things for sure I know how to have FUN and not take my self god too damn seriously Pleeesse!

The Truth about love

The Truth about love

The film starred Jennifer Love Hewitt, Dougray Scott, Jimi Mistry and of course our Simon Webbe but most importantly YES  Stefan Dennis so this invite was not to be missed ….. Below is the photo journal of the events that unfolded and also displays great Etiquette how to behave in public and with celebrites 😉

Getting ready to go out to the premier the final touches

checking in with security 😉 Mr simon Webbe, Jonny and me

Simon and the girls 😉

me and simon before leaving

Jaime Jay, Simon Webbe, Ellie and I (Truth about love premier)

Jaime Jay, Simon Webbe, Ellie and I (Truth about love premier) waiting to be picked up

The official red carpet Pictures from Truth about Love film premier

The official red carpet Pictures from Truth about Love film premier, always to remember to carry pen and paper like a real PA 😉

Stefan Dennis and Jennifer love hewitt Truth about Love premier

Stefan Dennis

The Truth about love

The Truth about love

simon webbe

simon webbe

The moment arrived meeting Stefan Dennis (BOTOX ALERT!)

Attacking Stefan Dennis

This one is for you SALLY 😉 

Having fun with Stefan Dennis

Now for the sensible pictures of the premier boys 😉

Simon Webbe, Stefan Dennis, Jimi Mistry

Here come the boys and Stefan Dennis

Here come the boys and Stefan Dennis

Simon webbe, stefan dennis and Jimi mistry

partying with Jimi Minstry

partying with Jimi Mistry

Getting Jimi Minstry on the decks

Getting Jimi Mistry on the decks

The after party in full swing


Hanging out with Tracy Adam the producer for Truth about Love

Time to go home

Time to go home

The end


3 responses to “The Truth About Love……. Stefan Dennis

  1. To say I’m honoured to have a blog dedicated to me is an understatement – to see you schmoozing with celebs and the bad boy of soaps is hilarious! What a cool evening. What a great blog. Looks like a fab evening was had by all – Jimi Mistry on decks????!!!! Always think he’s a much underrated actor, very talented. Mind you I also have to say, as a soap addict, the talent in soaps is not to be underestimated. The writing maybe…..thanks for this, it’s made my day! xxx

  2. Especially for you Sally xX

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