A mothering sunday tribute blog – I love my mum x

Mothering Sunday is a day to appreciate & remember all mums, step-mums, grandmas, and every who is a carer and supports the mothering roll, the list really is endless to what Mothering Sunday symbolizes. In my eyes mothering Sunday should be everyday and not just once a year! 😉  I love my mum and appreciate everything she does. My mum is one inspirational talented lady, from running her own business, to making crafts, baking, drawing, dancing and she even was on TV in the 1980’s with dance troupe rainbow. Mum at the age of 60 went back to university to obtain a degree in web design proving that age is just a number! and of course shes a fantastic grandma and we all love her to bits. So this blog is a tribute in photographs (and a video)  to how fabulous my mum is  – Happy Mothers Day mum xX

My mum in the 60's on holiday in cornwall

My mum with her FAB mum Granny Rose who sadly died of Breast Cancer when my mum was only 26 she died before I was born so I never got chance to meet her.

My young beautiful mum

My mum a snappy 60's dresser!

My mum on her wedding day she even made her own wedding dress!

Mum in the lake district my favorite picture of mum

mum in the lake district on her honeymoon

Mum with me as a baby ( we still have that rug)

Mum with my sister and me as a baby

On holiday in 80's in North Yorkshire, mum, sister and me

Fat Betty on the Yorkshire moors with mum, sister and me

Many years later I go back and revisit one of my fond child hood memorys

Mum and me in caravan

my christening, sister, mum, great nanna, me and dad

Mum her friend, daughter and me walking

My mum falling over on mums running race at school sports day

mum in the 80's in her rainbow dance troupe outfit

Mum in yellow with the dance troupe she was in called rainbow (80s)

mum and friends in the 80's

Mum with her tap dancing friends

mum boobs



Mum came to wales to meet her grandaughter

mum taking my daughter out for a stroll

Mum (grandma) baking with my daughter

mum with her hello kitty creation

and heres a cake I bought 😉

my sister, dad and mum on a walk



5 responses to “A mothering sunday tribute blog – I love my mum x

  1. Hannah, your mum is very beautiful, lovely ,lovely lady, and you and Emma look so like her! My mum is also a similar age and the memories we all have are so very special, priceless! As we grow older and reflect, we realise even more how incredibly strong and determined our mums are and always were, steadfast, like a rock & always there when we shed a tear or needed that comforting embrace. Fortunate to have a loving caring mum, my Sister, brother and myself always stop to think on Mothers day at just how lucky we were, knowing many never had that special caring love. That’s why Mothers Day is so very special, a chance to say I love you mum, thank you for just being there, for being my mum!-Tony.

  2. Awwh your mum looks/sounds lovely! 🙂

  3. Very informative post, I ought to speak. This post is totally inspirational in its own ways and I am sure that it will even get success in encouraging other people like me.And yes i have digg your site beachhutting.wordpress.com .

  4. Brilliant to find the video of the Rainbow Dance Troup. I did a quick search for Rainbow Look North after seeing Legs & Co on TOTP2, and could not believe when this came up. My mum was Mary Tuxworth (in yellow). I was completely stunned when I saw the tribute to her at the end. please can you get in touch so that I can get a download of this video? – it’s something I thought I’ve never see again. Thanks

    • Hi Charlie its great to hear from you, Im carols daughter the rainbow lady in (Green) and Val in (blue) is my godmother, did you see your mumin the blog pictures as well from the rainbow days? I Wrote and recorded a song called NoRegrets which is used as the sound track to this video, obviously the original is michael jackson – can you feel and heartbreak hotel (i think). My sister works at the local media college here in Grimsby and back in 2001 her students edited my song and mixed the original rainbow video – it works well. My mum and val were both very cautious about me using the footage as they felt they wanted to show respect to your mum, so we thought it was right only right and respectful to make the video a tribute to your mum. I will ask my mum (carol) to email you – I will pass your email over and arrange to get a copy for you. speak soon Hannah

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