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A Blog in Pictures: Appreciating my local picturesque Scenery

A Blog in Pictures: Appreciating my local picturesque Scenery.

Sometimes we forget to appreciate what is on our doorstep, with the longer lighter nights of summer it is time to get out more and enjoy our local surroundings and that is exactly what I did.  The following collection of photographs are all taken on my 3G iphone, they capture my local rural picturesque scenery that I appreciate here in North East Lincolnshire.

The Long farm track across the fields of North East Lincolnshire

The beautiful sky of North East Lincolnshire

Eerie over Low Farm North East Lincolnshire

Is this tree giving me the finger!

Heading on through Low Farm

looking back to Weelsby woods

Stunning sky of Lincolnshire

Horses in the field

A new friend a grey horse

Horses grazing

Farm track to Low farm

Another Angle on Low Farm

Fabulous sky

Big fluffy clouds

Biking up the farm track home

clouds in lincolnshire

The skys over the fields

arty shots

Skys over Grimsby

The fields

The Sun