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How Lady Gaga Changed the world (Documentary) Part 1 – 2

Media Student Jaymes Farmer who is currently training at East Coast Media Grimsby Skillset Media Academy partner. Recently made this awesome 2 part documentary titled “How Lady Gaga Changed the world’. This is Jaymes college assignment and no money was made from it.

Jaymes kindly asked me to be interviewed for the documentary re my own personal thought on Lady Gaga. My debut can be viewed in part 2 of the documentary at approx 2mins 27secs in. I talk about Madonna/lady gaga.

Enjoy Jaymes 2 part Lady Gaga Documentary, and please do give some constructive feedback to him. Remember be kind he is a student! but I think you will be blown away with his achievements.

You can follow Jaymes on twitter http://twitter.com/iamJaymes