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Visiting the Seals at Donna Nook

What a privilege to live so close to ‘Donna Nook’, Donna Nook is one of the most accessible sites for seeing the Grey Atlantic seals at a time of breeding in the UK. Elsewhere they either gather on beaches but in far away places like the Scottish islands, or they are out to sea in rocky outcrops. In Lincolnshire it is a short ride from near my home town Grimsby to the beach and there they are, in late autumn (October) and early winter (December)

The map to the seals of Donna Nook

Do not underestimate the size of the seal colony at Donna Nook and its importance to wildlife watchers around UK and Europe.

Seals at Donna Nook (Mother and pup)

The Seals at Donna Nook are VERY VERY close to the shore line, it really is an experience that any lover of wildlife should really experience, the real life Frozen Planet.

A up seal at Donna Nook

The seals can be photographed quite easily, as you can see from my photographs all taken on the i-phone 3GS

The Pup Seal Donna Nook

The seals attract over 40,000 visitors to the Lincolnshire coast from end October to end of December every year and I highly recommend that everyone should visit.

The vast beach at Donna Nook with the seals

Donna Nook Seals

Donna Nook seal Pup

Photographs at Donna Nook

A chinook at RAF Donna Nook flying above the Seals all dotted about below

The seals at Donna Nook

Mum and pup at Donna Nook

mum and pup seal


A blog in pictures “My adventures at Spurn Point Heritage Coast”

Last month I made a visit to the wonderful Spurn Point Heritage Coast. I took along my mountain bike so I could explore and my i-phone to take the pictures. Spurn Point Heritage coast is a wonderful coastline which consists of a long, curving hook of shingle and sand arcing into the mouth of the River Humber. Find below a blog in pictures of my wonderful adventures at Spurn Point.

Miles of beautiful untouched coast at Spurn point

The coast at Spurn point

Kilnsea Caravan site at the start of Spurn point

Out on my mountain Bike enjoying the Spurn point coast line

Beautiful beaches at Spurn Point looking out to the North Sea

Riding on my bike on the narrow road Spurn point

Traveling on my bike toward the famous Spurn Point Lighthouse

Spurn point light house

Spurn point light house

upclose the Spurn Point Lighthouse

The sun shining on the lighthouse

The light house at Spurn point

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust at Spurn point

spurn point coast

spurn point coast road

spurn point coast road

spurn point coast road

Spurn Point looking out into the River Humber

Spurn Point looking out into the River Humber

Spurn Point looking out into the River Humber

The pebbles at spurn point

The pebbles at spurn point


The North Sea side of Spurn Point

North sea waves at Spurn point


Spurn Point Beaches

Spurn Point Beaches

The Erosion of the coast line at Spurn Point


The Erosion at Spurn Point


The Erosion shown on the coastline at Spurn Point


Spurn Point Nature Reserve

To find out more about the amazing Spurn Point Heritage coast please take a look at the following links below

The Wildlife trust  http://www.ywt.org.uk/spurn_point.php 

Spurn Bird Observatory http://www.spurnbirdobservatory.co.uk/ 

Seven Man Made Wonders http://www.bbc.co.uk/england/sevenwonders/yorkshire/spurn/ 

Spurn Point http://www.spurnpoint.com/ 

Spurn Wiki http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spurn 

Spurn Head taken from the air in 1979 image from Wikipedia


Map of Spurn point