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The ‘Lucky’Runt Look him now! (all grown up!)

Lola my french lop eared rabbit gave birth to a litter of six in October. Five of her baby bunnys were all normal, but one bunny was a runt. It was Lolas first litter, and she wasn’t producing much milk. I was worried out of my mind, as I didn’t want to loose the little mite who I named ‘Lucky’ So I took him into my care and hand feed him with extra help from his mum Lola.

Here is Lucky who I hand raised he was very behind than the others in the litter (he was the runt)

As you can see from this picture Lucky was very small in comparison to his sister

It really was a case of touch and go, all the other bunnys in the litter were growing at a normal rate, Lucky looked so small and weak. I fed him extra Lactose by a syringe mixed with double cream. Luckily, Luckys mum Lola never rejected him, she was happy to lay in my lap on her back and let him have an extra fed on his own. It took time and patience, but I was determined that Lucky would survive. I prayed mother nature would be kind, and she certainly was. I kept Lucky, I was too attached that it didn’t feel right to re-home him with the others at 8 weeks old. I also kept another baby bunny from the same litter, which I named after my cat Charlie, as she had just recently passed. So here is a gorgeous pictures of ‘LUCKY!

Beautiful baby 'Lucky' and his dad Daisy

Aww happy familys mum Lola, baby Lucky and dad daisy

Mum Lola - Bbay Lucky with his brother Charlie