Enter into the Abyss!

Aged 15 sitting in a trolley (model for the day)

Me aged 15 sitting in a trolley (model for the day)

Welcome to “The Eye of Abyss” blog written by (ME) Hannah Coleman from North East Lincolnshire. I began writing this personal blog in November 2009 and since then it’s had over 170,000 genuine hits todate. 

What you will find in the Eye of Abyss blog?

The Eye of Abyss is my personnel blog of random adventures, lots of photographs mainly taken on my (cracked 3G) i-phone. My passions are running, walking, biking, coastal life, beach huts, beaches, wildlife, camping, vintage pottery, collectables, interiors, photography, I love visiting places of interest, sight seeing, exploring, sharing and much much more……..

The Eye of Abyss blog also gives an insightful depth into my world by sharing my real life stories,  its a personal space I can express myself without being judged.

It certainly isn’t a dark place, so do not be afraid to enter, but a vibrant place where I can share my real life experiances with the world and hopefully it will inspire.

As well as the Abyss blog I also write two other blogs called “Dreamwallstyle Blog” a passion for all things stylish and interior related  http://dreamwall1.wordpress.com/ and “Dreamwall Wallcoverings with a Difference” my business blog  http://dreamwalls1.wordpress.com/ click on the links highlighted to read them.

Oh and one last thing before you head off into my abyss yes those eyes on the header are my very own! 😉

Are you ready to see the world through my eyes…………

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One response to “Enter into the Abyss!

  1. I just don’t know why trolley chairs didn’t catch on! Pleased to discover this bonkers site. Thank you! I shall return often!

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