A Blog in Pictures: The Famous Greedy Bridlington Seagull

Mr seagull of Bridlington with his beady greedy eye

Mr seagull standing proud

Mr seagull peeping

You looking at me?

Now come on I'm hungry

God damn it woman im hungry

oh please can I have a chip

I Maybe if I look away

and stand tall and pretty

come on come on

yeap I can feel the love

Yes yes the chips are coming

I got my chip weyhey

What a mouthful Mr seagull eating his chip (what a picture)

Mmmm that chip was delicious

Is that it then?

so that really is it no more chips?

oh well I guess thats it

I guess I'll be making my way then

and off he goes.....


3 responses to “A Blog in Pictures: The Famous Greedy Bridlington Seagull

  1. Superb, such a great study of the Seagulls around our coastline, love the way the gull is so focussed on only one thing..the chip!

  2. I liked the tension – where’ the chip? When’s the chip going to appear? Is this just a tease? And then the chip appears and there’s a kind of sadness, ’cause what’s left? The chip was that seagull’s dream, and now the chip is gone, the dream is gone. Flying the white flag of himself.

  3. Hello Hannah,

    I’m Liam, a graphic designer for Optima, based in Lincoln.

    We have a client who would like to use your image of the seagull with a mouthful of chip to use on some packaging for potatoes.

    We’re aiming to mimic that the potato bag is created from newsprint. So all the stories that are printed relate to all things potato. Your image could refer to a thieving seagull on the loose for example.

    We were therefore wondering if you would like to be involved. Is it possible to use this image freely, and if so, how should we credit the use of it?

    Looking forward to your reply,

    Liam Churchard

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