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A Blog in Pictures: Appreciating my local picturesque Scenery

A Blog in Pictures: Appreciating my local picturesque Scenery.

Sometimes we forget to appreciate what is on our doorstep, with the longer lighter nights of summer it is time to get out more and enjoy our local surroundings and that is exactly what I did.  The following collection of photographs are all taken on my 3G iphone, they capture my local rural picturesque scenery that I appreciate here in North East Lincolnshire.

The Long farm track across the fields of North East Lincolnshire

The beautiful sky of North East Lincolnshire

Eerie over Low Farm North East Lincolnshire

Is this tree giving me the finger!

Heading on through Low Farm

looking back to Weelsby woods

Stunning sky of Lincolnshire

Horses in the field

A new friend a grey horse

Horses grazing

Farm track to Low farm

Another Angle on Low Farm

Fabulous sky

Big fluffy clouds

Biking up the farm track home

clouds in lincolnshire

The skys over the fields

arty shots

Skys over Grimsby

The fields

The Sun


A Blog in Pictures: ‘My Adventures at the Lincolnshire show’

The Lincolnshire Show

This years Lincolnshire Show  was a roaring success, celebrating its 127th Show at the Grange de Lings Showground Lincoln.  The show took place over two consecutive days in June.  As a Lincolnshire born lass or a ‘Yellow Belly’ as some may say, it is a somewhat tradition to attend the big annual event.


The event is known for it agriculture with farmers from across the country collectively bringing their best livestock to compete for best categories. Along with livestock the show is appreciated by the equestrian world with equine events from show-jumping, dressage and cross-country. With over 600 trade stands to suit all walks of life selling everything from exercise equipment to rubber wellies! A favourite attraction to the Lincolnshire is the food stalls, with lots of home-made mouth-watering food to taste and purchase. I especially enjoyed a spot of shopping in the ‘Mews’ as well as the craft, home interior tents and I even Celebrated the launch of my friends new business ‘Unreal Gardens’ Below is just a collection of pictures of my own adventures at the 2011 Lincolnshire Show ENJOY!

For the Official Lincolnshire Show Website please CLICK HERE –            

The Mews Lincolnshire Show


Linconshire in Focus stand with the Lantana buggy


Outside the Lincolnshire in Focus stand on the Lantana buggy

With Lindsay Cowie with the copy of Lincolnshire in Focus I contributed an interior article


The Lincolnshire in focus team

With some stuffed horse I so wanted to win!


uncle Henrys

Mr Fruit & Veg at Uncle Henrys stand


Sat with Mr Fruit and Veg at Uncle Henrys stand

Uncle Henrys award winning sausages

Uncle Henrys chocolate pigs YUM YUM

Andrew J Musson bespoke Tailor very cool outfit

Cakes from Battersby of bassingham


Battersby of Bassingham cakes

From the home of fish Chapmans finest fish cakes handmade in Grimsby

Lime tree pantry Pies


Home made cakes

Chocolate cupcakes

Stalls of cakes


pink candy

Cream mini victorian sponge cakes

cakes cakes cakes cakes

Handmade fudges

Mr Hudas


Meeting Mr Huda himself the surma secrets

Lincolnshire Show main arena

Funny goofy goat

Lincolnshire show

Channel 7 Lincolnshires Local TV channel filming unreal gardens

John Stobart from Unreal Gardens being interviewed by Emma Lingard Channel 7

John Stobart from Unreal Gardens being interviewed by Emma Lingard Channel 7

Nina Stobart from unreal gardens

And finally I was arrested by the local bobby!









A blog in pictures “My adventures at Spurn Point Heritage Coast”

Last month I made a visit to the wonderful Spurn Point Heritage Coast. I took along my mountain bike so I could explore and my i-phone to take the pictures. Spurn Point Heritage coast is a wonderful coastline which consists of a long, curving hook of shingle and sand arcing into the mouth of the River Humber. Find below a blog in pictures of my wonderful adventures at Spurn Point.

Miles of beautiful untouched coast at Spurn point

The coast at Spurn point

Kilnsea Caravan site at the start of Spurn point

Out on my mountain Bike enjoying the Spurn point coast line

Beautiful beaches at Spurn Point looking out to the North Sea

Riding on my bike on the narrow road Spurn point

Traveling on my bike toward the famous Spurn Point Lighthouse

Spurn point light house

Spurn point light house

upclose the Spurn Point Lighthouse

The sun shining on the lighthouse

The light house at Spurn point

Yorkshire Wildlife Trust at Spurn point

spurn point coast

spurn point coast road

spurn point coast road

spurn point coast road

Spurn Point looking out into the River Humber

Spurn Point looking out into the River Humber

Spurn Point looking out into the River Humber

The pebbles at spurn point

The pebbles at spurn point


The North Sea side of Spurn Point

North sea waves at Spurn point


Spurn Point Beaches

Spurn Point Beaches

The Erosion of the coast line at Spurn Point


The Erosion at Spurn Point


The Erosion shown on the coastline at Spurn Point


Spurn Point Nature Reserve

To find out more about the amazing Spurn Point Heritage coast please take a look at the following links below

The Wildlife trust 

Spurn Bird Observatory 

Seven Man Made Wonders 

Spurn Point 

Spurn Wiki 

Spurn Head taken from the air in 1979 image from Wikipedia


Map of Spurn point




A Blog in Pictures: The Famous Greedy Bridlington Seagull

Mr seagull of Bridlington with his beady greedy eye

Mr seagull standing proud

Mr seagull peeping

You looking at me?

Now come on I'm hungry

God damn it woman im hungry

oh please can I have a chip

I Maybe if I look away

and stand tall and pretty

come on come on

yeap I can feel the love

Yes yes the chips are coming

I got my chip weyhey

What a mouthful Mr seagull eating his chip (what a picture)

Mmmm that chip was delicious

Is that it then?

so that really is it no more chips?

oh well I guess thats it

I guess I'll be making my way then

and off he goes.....

My adventures at Clumber Park

Clumber park is based in North Nottinghamshire, just south of Worksop, in the northernmost part of Sherwood Forest.

In early June 2011 I was lucky enough to spend a few days camping in the newly opened campsite at Clumber Park, below is my amazing adventures of Clumber park in pictures enjoy as I certainly did and highly recommend to all for more details on Clumber Park

The Coleman Tent all put up ready for my camping holiday at Clumber Park

The Clumber Park campsite has only recently opened. Pitch a tent from only £15.00 per night, how could I refuse to stay. Also on site are the ultra cool camping cabins (pods and wigwams) starting from only £38.00 per night these cool pods provide great accommodation for up to 5 people (next time I visit will be trying out a pod) Not only do you have the option of the pods and wigwams but there is also a Mongolian Yurt a 22 foot tent sleeping up to 4 people more details on the Clumber campsite is here

Clumber park pods

Clumber park pod

While camping in Clumber park, I had access to 3,800 acres of green open space, enjoyed walking down Europe’s longest double avenue of lime trees , which line the grand entrance. I hired a bike and went on a 20 mile bike route through the park, and enjoyed a meal in the on site restaurant, which used fresh ingredients picked from the Clumber park walled kitchen garden.

Follow Clumber  Park on twitter!/NTclumberpark

The walls of the walled kitchen garden

The walled Kitchen garden has a wealth of sights and smells to experience, from herbaceous borders, trees laden with heritage varieties of fruit.

Inside the walled kitchen garden Clumber park

looking down to the walled garden

walks around Clumber park

chapel of st mary Clumber park

Chapel of St Mary the Virgin, Clumber chapel was  built between 1886 and 1889

lots to see around Clumber park

While I stayed on the campsite at Clumber park I was delighted to learn about the discount on the bike hire, my daughter enjoyed the tag bike we hired as we did a 20 mile bike ride around Clumber park

Hiring bikes at Clumber park

amazing tree bark

Lots of amazing wildlife and nature to see at Clumber Park, the man made serpentine lake offers a 4 mile route around its banks, with amazing views from the ornamental bridge and opportunities for bird spotting, there are over 200 species living at Clumber Park including Mallards, Swans, Geese and Coots.

chocolate tree in the souvenir shop

Clumber Park is a perfect place for all the family take a look at this link tot he Clumber Discovery and Exhibition centre 

While I was camping at Clumber Park I had the great experience of the wartime weekend lots of fantastic pictures below from the weekend.

Clumber Park wartime weekend

wartime suitcases

wartime clumber park


wartime at clumber park

wartime dancing clumber park


wartime dancing clumber park


shopping for vintage


wartime shopping clumber park

wartime ladies


The Truth About Love……. Stefan Dennis

This blog is a dedicated to my lovely friend Sally Edmundson (The biggest Stefan Dennis fan in all the land) follow her here on Twitter (Newrooms) or just read her blog (Yes its my favorite blog in all the land)

Stefan Dennis

Stefan Dennis

This blog post is also dedicated to all the millions of fans of superstar Stefan Dennis world-wide 😉 For those very small numbered people who may not know who Stefan Dennis is here is well here is the Wikipedia link all about him Stefan Dennis is most famous for playing the role of Paul Robinson in the hit Australian soap Neighbours and also releasing dodgy pop tunes like the one below that are all over  you-tube 😉 


In 2006 I was very lucky to be invited  by my close friend & my daughters god father (Mr Simon Webbe) along with Simon’s PA Ellie & my best friend Jaime Jay to the Truth about Love Film Premier (Simon had a part in the film too – yes a man of many talents our Webby 😉 of course I jumped at the chance (who wouldn’t – the advantage of famous mates 😉 having never been to a ” REAL” film premier, OK I’ve been occasionally to the local showcase cinema seen a few blockbusters like meet the Fockers. Preparing for the film premier I was clueless I really had no idea what to wear and how to behave 😉 (This will later all be revealed  later on in the blog mmm polyester and certainly no etiquette) 😉 – But ones things for sure I know how to have FUN and not take my self god too damn seriously Pleeesse!

The Truth about love

The Truth about love

The film starred Jennifer Love Hewitt, Dougray Scott, Jimi Mistry and of course our Simon Webbe but most importantly YES  Stefan Dennis so this invite was not to be missed ….. Below is the photo journal of the events that unfolded and also displays great Etiquette how to behave in public and with celebrites 😉

Getting ready to go out to the premier the final touches

checking in with security 😉 Mr simon Webbe, Jonny and me

Simon and the girls 😉

me and simon before leaving

Jaime Jay, Simon Webbe, Ellie and I (Truth about love premier)

Jaime Jay, Simon Webbe, Ellie and I (Truth about love premier) waiting to be picked up

The official red carpet Pictures from Truth about Love film premier

The official red carpet Pictures from Truth about Love film premier, always to remember to carry pen and paper like a real PA 😉

Stefan Dennis and Jennifer love hewitt Truth about Love premier

Stefan Dennis

The Truth about love

The Truth about love

simon webbe

simon webbe

The moment arrived meeting Stefan Dennis (BOTOX ALERT!)

Attacking Stefan Dennis

This one is for you SALLY 😉 

Having fun with Stefan Dennis

Now for the sensible pictures of the premier boys 😉

Simon Webbe, Stefan Dennis, Jimi Mistry

Here come the boys and Stefan Dennis

Here come the boys and Stefan Dennis

Simon webbe, stefan dennis and Jimi mistry

partying with Jimi Minstry

partying with Jimi Mistry

Getting Jimi Minstry on the decks

Getting Jimi Mistry on the decks

The after party in full swing


Hanging out with Tracy Adam the producer for Truth about Love

Time to go home

Time to go home

The end

What a Difference a week makes…. Lincolnshire weather

What a difference a week makes, this time last week Lincolnshire was like a scene from the swiss Alps, but at last the thaw has set in, its taken a few days to clear. Here are some pictures I took in my village in the same place BEFORE & AFTER

BEFORE PIC 1. The Tree & field with snow

BEFORE PIC 1. The Tree & field with snow

BEFORE PIC 2. The Tree & field now thawed

AFTER PIC 1. The Tree & field now thawed

BEFORE PIC 2. The Road with Snow

BEFORE PIC 2. The Road with Snow

BEFORE PIC 2. The Road now thawed

AFTER PIC 2. The Road now thawed