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How Lady Gaga Changed the world (Documentary) Part 1 – 2

Media Student Jaymes Farmer who is currently training at East Coast Media Grimsby Skillset Media Academy partner. Recently made this awesome 2 part documentary titled “How Lady Gaga Changed the world’. This is Jaymes college assignment and no money was made from it.

Jaymes kindly asked me to be interviewed for the documentary re my own personal thought on Lady Gaga. My debut can be viewed in part 2 of the documentary at approx 2mins 27secs in. I talk about Madonna/lady gaga.

Enjoy Jaymes 2 part Lady Gaga Documentary, and please do give some constructive feedback to him. Remember be kind he is a student! but I think you will be blown away with his achievements.

You can follow Jaymes on twitter


BSW SERIES 1 EPISODE 1 to 5 (A Bargain A Stitch and A Wardrobe)

A Bargain a Stitch and a Wardrobe a pocket sized fashion TV show with myself presenting the wardrobe section Jaime Jay the bargain sections and Raj Johal presenting the stitch section. Filmed in winter 2008 Grimsby, eastcoastmedia.

Its all about the cross stitch

This month in my Buy association article I’ve written an article all about the cross stitch trend see link here for the full article

Its made a huge comeback and it will be huge this summer. Last weekend I was a guest on BBC Radio Humberside (philpot files)

Helen Philpot and I chatted about the latest trend, and we both agreed you either love it or loathe it.

More about  Helen philpot here

On Tuesday I was invited as a Helens guest to ladies who lunch Pro6  at Merciers on Seaview Street in Cleethorpes, and low and behold right there in the restaurant on display was a beautiful cross stitch picture, beautifully done by the owners Nana Connie Mercier.

Connie Merciers cross stitch art with all the Great Grimsby land marks

connie merciers cross stitch

My Vintage 1950’s Leopard Faux Fur Coat

Me in my Faux fur vintage coat

Me in my Faux fur vintage coat

I love my original 1950’s vintage Leopard skin faux fur coat, I love it so much so that I want to share it with the world!

Its not to everyones taste, some say its naff and reminds them of Julie Goodyear character ‘BET LYNCH’ in Coronations Street.

But to me this coat means a lot, not only is it vintage and an original 50’s FAUX FUR (which pleases me even more) but it also has history behind it, as its a family heirloom…..

In the 1950’s my great nana whom was a very well dressed lady purchased this coat from a posh shop in Grimsby’s Freeman Street (shame Freeman St is not so posh any more)

Me in my vintage faux fur coat

The coat then was passed down to my nana (who sadly passed away in April this year) making the coat even more special.

When my parents married in 1967 it was then passed to my aunty Chris, who proudly wore it to my parents wedding, (see pictures below)

Aunty chris wearing the vintage coat at my parents wedding with nana behind

Aunty chris wearing the vintage coat at my parents wedding with nana behind

I had always loved and admired the coat, and dream’t of wearing it, my wish was granted in the mid 90’s my aunty Chris then passed it down to myself.

I love the coat to pieces, its in mint condition and is gorgeous, forever I will cherish it.

To me its a family heirloom.

love it or loathe it?

My parents wedding photograph, with my aunty christine in the leapoard coat, nana and great nana

My parents wedding photograph, with my aunty christine in the leapoard coat, nana and great nana

Interview with TV Presenter Jaime Jay (BSW SERIES 1)

Jaime Jay

Jaime is originally from Manchester and is a Musician and Songwriter. Jaime left Manchester to study Law in London but soon found she was drawn to her first love…. Music. Jaime co-wrote songs with her longtime friend Simon Webbe (BLUE) and was a member of the group ‘VS’. After Top 10 hits and performances on shows such as TOP OF THE POPS, Jaime decided to concentrate on a solo career and had her first Number 1 hit in the UK Dance Charts in January 2008 with ‘To Make You Feel Alright.’ Jaime has just returned from Los Angeles promoting her career.

Jaime’s experience in the music industry has brought her into contact with stylists and celebrities and keeps her finger on the pulse of what’s hot and what’s not!


Stepping into the shopping shoes of a different celebrity each week, Jaime talks through outfits inspired by their style. With outfits from Next, BHS, Evans, Matalan & Rio, Jaime shows how to get a celebrity look from our own highstreet.

Do you think it’s possible to dress like a star without a celebrity budget?

I think fashion is something everyone can follow. There’s no need to break the bank, you just have to have the eye for a good look. The other day I attended a premier in a dress that cost £5 from a Charity shop and received lots of comments on how nice it was!

What do you think of the fashion and outfits of our local stores?

Fashions from the catwalk are adapted so quickly by shops like Primark and Top Shop so we can keep up to date for a fraction of the price of some of the design houses. I love the fact that you can watch the show and go straight out and buy the outfits.

What was it like filming the show?

It was such a laugh filming the show, Hannah and Raj are a scream and we all bounced off one another. There were some long hours involved and quick wardrobe changes, but it just made it all the more exciting.

To read the original interview and watch the pilot shows

Jaime Jay full biog

a bargain a stitch and a wardrobe presenter Jaime jay recording in sweden

Interview with Raj Johal (BSW Series 1 presenter)

Raj is a Fashion Lecturer at the East Coast School of Art, Media & Design having worked for Gucci, Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney and Balenciaga. He graduated with First Class Honours from the London College of Fashion and was immediately scouted by John Lewis to design a collection for their Sloane Square store. His experience of the fashion industry includes a key role in advertising campaigns, photo shoots and fashion shows in Paris and Milan while at Gucci, before concentrating on his own collection and designs. Raj went to Fredrick Goss School in Scunthorpe.


Raj goes in search of basic items in local stores and Charity shops before using his design and creative talents to turning them into stylish unique pieces picking up on the latest fashion trend.

How are you feeling about the new series of BSW?

I’m incredibly excited, filming the show has been an amazing experience. Its been a fantastic opportunity not only to showcase my own passion for design but also new young designers from the Art School.

Why do you think the show is so appealing to viewers in our area?

There’s no other show like it, not even on the big channels. We show local shops, both mainstream as well as the charity shops from our very own area, shops that we all go to. It brings the fashion that people think is just in the big cities, right to our own doorstep.

It’s a chance to show everyone what the latest fashion trends are and also, that you don’t need to be a superstar seamstress to make something very special and unique to wear. You can watch the show and go straight out and buy the outfits.

Original interview can be viewed here

To watch the pilot series of BSW please view here

Raj Johal BSW series 1 presenter

BSW Presenter Hannah Coleman (1st series interview)

BSW Presenter Hannah Coleman

Hannah is a single mum who runs her own award-winning interior design business Dreamwall and is founder of the UK Young Designer Collection.


Hannah surprises one lucky viewer each week by becoming their very own personal shopper. She offers them a choice of 3 brand new items before they receive a free makeover.

You present the Wardrobe part of the show. How did you feel giving the viewers a surprise makeover?

I was over the moon! You see makeover shows on TV all the time, but here was a show right on our doorstep for people in our area with the shops that we all know and go to. It was great to give someone a lovely surprise. The shows got a feel good factor and made me feel good too

What do think is the secret to giving someone a new look?

I think a makeover should bring out the best that you’ve got and should take into account what you feel happy to wear. Its no good putting someone in 6 inch heels if they would never wear them. It’s about giving someone a fashionable look without making them a fashion victim.

What was it like presenting the show?

It was a fantastic experience. I’m a real people person and loved meeting the viewers who had the makeovers, we were all nervous together! I can’t wait to see it on TV.

This interview was done by east coast media to see the original

To view the first series of pilot episodes of BSW

A Bargain A Stitch and A Wardrobe presenter Hannah Coleman having a Dubai christmas with friends